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Welcome to Azure Infinitum, by Run Around:Network. We are a worldwide guild of gamers, hobbyists, pop culture enthusiasts & more, all brought together in one community, that anyone may join!

Beginning as an established community in Final Fantasy XIV Online in 2014, Azure has since grown to expand its horizons in creating a larger family across a wider view.
As the portal community of RA:N or Run Around:Network, the gaze of our community mostly falls on topics related to Visual Culture, a term used by Azure and RA:N CEO Hikaru Kazushime. Visual Culture is an umbrella term that represents many forms of fandoms, media, and entertainment sub-culture.

Among Azure's denizens are fans of anime, music, manga or comics, movies, gunpla or hobby modeling, and more.

For a list of our sites, social media, and more, visit our Azure Services page.

This Site

This website is considered our Portal or Main Site, where announcements, posts, helpful information, lists, and updates about Azure Infinitum are made.

One Community, Several Sides

AzureFM represents the community hub, which is split between a main hub, and attached FFXIV & Azure Wing sites. Currently you can visit our main forum site, our FFXIV site, and our Monster Hunter World site, which are linked and hosted through Shivtr.

Azure Wings are special squads or mini Azure guilds that run officially hosted weekly play sessions in a select number of games Azure supports Wings in.

Azure Universe is a database of member submitted information that creates listings of games our members would like to find partners or party members to play with in.

FFXIV CORE is Azure's pride and joy, the core of the community which stems from Final Fantasy XIV online, a massively multiplayer online role playing game where Azure Infinitum is an enormously successful free company (guild) that runs an organized, friendly, and active community 24/7.

Community Organization

While some forums, gaming guilds or clans, or other online communities have moderators or special roles, the entirety of Azure is run like a giant guild. Ranks are mostly universal, and echoes of our medieval-themed FFXIV community resonate throughout our network's organization, as Generals, Lieutenants, Captains, and Scouts work together to maintain order, moderation, recruitment, organization, and successful activity & events. 

An established set of Universal Rules at our Azure Infinitum Official Rules & Guideline Charter acts as a sort of constitution for our community. The guidelines and rules found there hold every community member to a standard of a no-drama policy and level of basic human etiquette across Azure. Our Charter also universally describes how problem solving is done, how our ranks operate, and much more.

Our Mission

Ultimately, and since the earliest moments of our beginning, we seek to create the best community possible under our values and most basic principles of fostering an active, organized, and friendly community. A place where people of all backgrounds, beliefs, creeds, and interests may come together and fellowship about similar interests, inspire one another, create lasting bonds, learn or grow together, or benefit in some positive way.
Whether you engage in our gaming events, lurk on our forums, fill out posts in every thread you see, or simply have some positive moment added to your life, we hope that Azure Infinitum brings a level of light to others, and if we're lucky- have a damn good time together.

The Azure Philosophy

Our name means "Infinite Blue" or "Blue Infinity" in latin.

This name was chosen during our founding, when the first members were facing some hard times and chose to stick together. It was shouted "As Free As The Azure Sky!" when the founding took place, as the first members banded together with their leader to build what would come to be a place where we believe we "fly together", our potentials infinite, as the blue sky above. 
Great things can be achieved together, and so also can great things be overcome.
Those who cast aside the negative and fly forward together, may achieve some form of strength or success. To think outside the box, recklessly deny the darkness, and smile forward together is one of the best representations of what is called The Azure Spirit.

"Look to the heavens, even as they fall." -Hironobu Sakaguchi, The Father of Final Fantasy

If you'd like to learn more about our FFXIV Community and its origins, visit here.

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