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Azure Podcast

Welcome to our podcast's home page. We wanted to make a podcast for our FFXIV Free Company and Azure's overall network. So we did. 

Each episode we discuss community events, things to look forward to in Azure, and total randomness. Join us and listen below!

Host: Reika Fujishima (Hikaru Kazushime)
Guests include Azure Council Members & Featured Community Members

Episode 7: FFXIV Patch 5.5, Azure News, and Our Favorite Square Enix Games

Episode 6: Endwalker, Azure News, and Our First Impressions of FFXIV

Episode 5: 6th Anniversary, Our Favorite Jobs, and FFXIV's Lifespan

Episode 4: FFXIV & Azure Schedule Updates, FF7R talk, and Our Favorite PS1 RPGs!

Episode 3: Resurgens Caeruleum, Azure Events, FFVIIR Impressions, & More

Episode 2: Shadowbringers Impressions, Gunbreaker Class, and Azure Events

Episode 1: June 2019 Events, FFXIV Shadowbringers, Azure Day Schedule 

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