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Azure Services

Welcome to the Azure Services Directory. 

Below is a list of all Azure Services.

All various sites or programs aside from AzureFM, Azure Wings, Azure Universe, and our FFXIV CORE, is considered an Azure Service. 



Azure PSN Community*
RA:N PSN Community*
Azure Steam Group*

*For PSN Communities, search "Azure Infinitum" on the PS4 Communities hub on on PlayStation 4 consoles.

*For our Steam group, search "Azure Infinitum" in the Groups area of your Steam browser on PC.


Azure Hunters Linkshell*
Azure Industry Linkshell*
Infinitum Alliance Linkshell*
Azure Info Board Fellowship*

*For Linkshells, ask any Leadership rank for an invite.
*Infinitum Alliance Linkshell is routinely open to those of Scout rank and higher aside from Allied Members. Ask a Leadership rank for an invite if available.

*Azure Info Board Fellowship invites go out randomly, but may be requested. There are glitches with the invite feature to this service, preventing invites from executing from time to time.

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