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Azure Universe (Beta)

Azure Universe provides a simple registry of activity among our community members that lists the names of games and players who have registered on our Community Site and submitted what they are playing, and where they are looking for party members & others to join them.
Information is provided here based on what is submitted on our official Azure Universe thread on our Community Site forums.

Azure Universe Players & Groups


Elite Dangerous
Shalindra Quartztail
Nora Swift
Karesana Armoursall

PlayStation 4

Star Wars Battlefront II
Reika Fujishima

  • Casually playing since 2017, looking for someone who'd like to squad up now and then. Add me at PSN ID: Hikaru_Kazushime and we'll kick it sometime out on the battlefront!

FFXV Comrades
Reika Fujishima

  • Started late and just reaching lvl 10. Would love to have a comrade to help me knock out some of the other early missions I've got or to play with casually, as I don't have much free time. Add me at PSN ID: Hikaru_Kazushime



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