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Azure Wings (Beta)

 Welcome to our Azure Infintum Wing Information Page! 

What are Azure Wings?
Azure Wings are branches of our community lead by assigned Wing Commanders from our Azure Council or Support Team members. 
Our Wings are meant to be gaming community hubs of Azure members, organized through our Discord. Each are associated with a specific game, a corresponding channel in our server, and host weekly events and activities outside of our Final Fantasy XIV core.
Everyone in our community may join our Wings at anytime!
Simply visit our #🌐-role-select channel to select an Azure Wing Role to join and receive notifications about Wing activity!
Feel free to visit any of our Azure Wing's Discord channels and join in the discussion and hype!
Wing events vary per game, but are meant to be easy to attend with grouping starting in our Weekly Event VC channels.
Grouping times are the times listed that events begin, also seen on our Wing's posters.
Grouping time is always 30 minutes to ensure others are ready, and any technicalities are resolved.

Help us grow and become a part of something awesome!
If you'd like to help Azure develop a new Wing, please register at our community site, and visit this thread: Submit a post in that thread with the application template in the original post, OR DM @Reika Fujishima with a completed application. Applications to create a Wing are welcome from anyone, but a Wing Commander role for those who lead or oversee each Wing is limited to @Lieutenant and @General unless specially assigned under specific circumstances by the @Infinitum Master. 

 Below is a list of our current Wings and information about them:

Azure Wings

Monster Hunter

Azure Infinitum's foray into Monster Hunter World is nearing our second anniversary! 

Wing Status: On-Hiatus w/plans to revive
Wing Commander: Auri Hraesvelgr
Event Information & Grouping Times: 

MH: Rise - Wed @ 9p ET/6p PT
MHW PC: Fri @ 9p ET/6p PT
MHW PS4: Sat @ 2p ET/11a PT

  • Join us for weekly Hunt-A-Thon
  • Post your favorite screenshots in our Discord's #screenshots channel
  • Connect with other MH players in our community
  • Players of all Hunter Ranks are welcome to attend
  • Hunt together, get assistance, progress!

Join us in Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise for weekly gear and material farming and hunt clears! We'll be grouping squads of up to 4 @Monster Hunter members at a time for various needs. Iceborne is not required, however we'd like to eventually focus on clearing Iceborne for as many people as we can as many have shown interest across platforms. 
Grouping begins in Discord in our Weekly Event VC. Make sure you get a Squad Server invite to quickly join our Squad Server's Gathering Hub where meet-ups, grouping, and more will take place.
We do our best to meet as many needs as we can while we run for about 2 hours of event time following our 30 minutes of grouping time.
We look forward to hunting with you!

Phantasy Star Universe Online 2: New Genesis

Wing Status: Coming Soon
Wing Commander: Nora Swift
Event Information & Grouping Times: Coming Soon

Come aboard our brand new Azure Infinitum PSO2: NGS Alliance and enjoy weekly events where we'll be working on group sessions of gear farming, enhanced/veteran farming, PSE Bursts, and more! New Genesis is very new and we're supporting it starting close to its start! 
Several of us are new to this game and ask for your patience as we work to discover content together, have fun, and progress with our fellow @Phantasy Star Online 2 players in this bright new adventure as it begins to unfold!
This Wing's construction is nearly established and ready, so stay tuned for details on how to join in the adventure soon!


Wing Status: Debuting 10/22/21
Wing Commander: Terry Mckinney and Reika Fujishima
Event Information & Grouping Times: Coming Soon

Starting enlistment early, our Azure Infinitum Battlefield Wing is producing hype and promoting the franchise now at #🏷-battlefield ahead of the debut of regular Wing activity starting on 10/22/21 for PC and PS5 with the launch of Battlefield 2042. 
We encourage our @Battlefield members to group up together in any games in the franchise, and prep for Battlefield 2042's launch this Fall when official Battlefield Wing events begin.
This Fall, engage in Azure Wing Squad Play as you progress your soldier and level your rank with fellow Azure comrades in the heat of battle. 
Event Content may evolve as more information about Battlefield 2042 releases.

Genshin Impact

Wing Status: On-Hiatus
Wing Commander: Seeking Wing Commander
Event Information & Grouping Times: N/A

Our Genshin Impact Wing focuses on world bosses and basic group progression and activities! While our Wing may be on a hiatus until its officially rebooted and a new Wing Commander is found to spearhead its return, our @Genshin Impact members are welcome to discuss the game at #⚪genshin-impact and team up with fellow members!

Shop Genshin Impact to support Azure & RA:N:

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