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About Our Events

Official regular Weekly, Special, Wing, and Azure Day events, are hosted by Azure Leadership and Support Members, and run a variety of content.
Most content is chosen based on the majority of needs or viability of group-worthy content, per title, and per some updates.
The majority of Azure Events take place in our FFXIV CORE, on Midgardsormr Server, in the Azure Infinitum Free Company.

Planning is underway to return activity to our Azure Wing in MHW, and to establish new Wings in the future. Read about Azure Wings on the official page here.

Member-run events are listed on our the Event Calendar at our Community Site.

You also always check the Events tag or our Event Section on our Homepage to view any recent event announcements, changes, or updates.


8-man and 24-man Raids, Timeworn Map Parties, Wondrous Tails Parties, Clears & Farms, Learning & Progression Parties, Catch-Ups or Classic Content Parties. Special Events include Old Raid October, Decor Contest & Free Room Campaigns,  and the mega popular Azure Day Weekends which you can read about here.

Present Official Weekly Lineup

Azure Wings

When Updates Occur

Schedule changes most often occur when new content is released or is deemed no longer viable for events by the Azure Council.

Please make sure you've read our Rules & Guidelines Charter, and any information found there concerning etiquette and events in our community, before attending Azure Events.

Above you will you find a complete and regularly updated calendar that you can follow thanks to Google. On-going regular weekly events will be listed as taking place weekly and indefinitely until changes are made. Some may be set to end prematurely as we estimate content launches. 

Look for any schedule change announcements across our site and Azure Services in case.

How We Gather For Events

All event times listed are "Gathering Times" which last for 30 minutes, and our target times to begin are on the following hour mark, or when Event Hosts determine that all possible attendance has been gained or makes any other call in good reason to start so long as everyone attending is ready, if beginning a little early.

Gathering always begins in our Free Company Estate Lawn in FFXIV at the times listed, or in Discord Voice Channels for Azure Wings (whether you have a mic or not you can still hear gathering instructions).

Shout-outs for our events usually occur in-game or in our Discord about 30 minutes to an hour or more earlier.

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