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Join AzureFM and any of our forum communities by registering first on Shivtr. You can do this by clicking here and following the prompts on the action bar at the top of the screen. All members of Azure must register through AzureFM to join our Wings, FFXIV Core, obtain Member Role in our Discord, or use Azure Universe.

How to Join in FFXIV:
  • If you've found this page and are interesting in joining Azure Infinitum, please register an application on our site then seek out any of our Scouts, Lieutenants, Officers, or the Master of Azure Infinitum in-game and ask for an invite. You can find their names on the roster page.
  • Our only requirements are a decent attitude, agreeing to a no-drama policy, and viewing our rules page.
  • We have schedules provided for activities, however members are free to play the game doing whatever they wish.
  • We encourage social activity in the FC Chat and during runs or helping fellow members, but if you're a quiet type we wont kick you.
  • You truly get back what you put into Azure Infinitum. Many members who fail to establish a presence and choose to never interact with our community at all or almost never, often leave feeling isolated or claiming that they never connected here. If that is so it is completely their fault, we provide a plethora of opportunities.
  • Our Discord (not required but available to those who like it) info is:
  • Our Free Company Estate is located in Mist, Ward 7 Plot 1 where you can select the welcome board in front of the house to fill out an in-game application.
  • One final disclaimer: we have 300+ members. Over half our roster logs in during a 24-hour cycle, with 50-70 being online at once during prime-time hours in the USA. We kick members who have not been online by their 60th day without giving us some kind of notice, and will give someone a 120 day On Vacation rank who does give us notice. We do not consider ourselves hardcore or elite as some may perceive by our high rankings in the top free companies on The Lodestone. We are well-rounded, friendly, and good at what we do. We are more than happy to always welcome casuals, veterans, returning, and new players alike, regardless of experience.

How to Join in Monster Hunter World:
All you have to do is become a member of our Discord: and after you’ve joined it, check out our Official MHW Azure Branch Events that will be posted in the Azure Gaming section of our Discord, on our PS4 Community Hub on PS4 consoles, and on this FB page to find out when we gather, and join the MHW PS4 Official Azure Squad.
We ask this because our MHW Events will be organized via Discord as grouping is done at event times, via the Squad server screen in-game.
Currently, we only support the PlayStation 4 version of MHW for Azure Branch Events.
However, if you’d like to get into action with fellow Azure Infinitum Comrades on the PC, you are more than welcome to join our Discord -see link above- and our Steam Community named Azure Infinitum, and connect with our many players who play together from there.
We are in the midst of building the new Azure Infinitum website and do not have a set list of rules on there yet that covers non-FFXIV games. It is expected that all Azure Infinitum members regardless of what game they play together, maintain respect and decency for each other and hold themselves to our General Rules section at our rules page at

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